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Listed below are the Isuzu Medium Duty Truck Model Brochures. You will find the basic information about these models and their features.

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24/60 Covered Maintenance HERO Card

Dry service 4,000 miles (A) Service 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, 40,000 miles (A/B) service 50,000 miles

24/60 Covered Maintenance Program Log Card

Tool Pro Body

The Reading Tool Pro mates a lightweight aluminum body incorporating Readings most ingenious innovations to the sophisticated Isuzu NPR ECO-MAX power-train to create a truck that delivers driver efficiency and fuel economy. For more information and features click on the brochure.

Eco-Max Brochure

The Eco-Max offers the 4JJ-TC 3.0-liter DOHC turbocharged diesel engine which produces 150 horsepower and 282lbs of torque. . The engine also has a B10 durability rating meaning that 90% of these engines will reach 310,000 miles before requiring an overhaul. These vehicles will also weigh about 170lbs lighter than the previous models. For more information and features click on the brochure.

Isuzu Gas Walkaround 

For a list of all the exterior and interior features of the Isuzu gas Trucks click the brochure.

Multi-Information Display Brochure

NPR Gas Spec Sheet

NPR-HD Diesel Spec Sheet

NPR-HD Gas Spec Sheet

NPR-XD Spec Sheet

NQR Spec Sheet

NRR Spec Sheet

Isuzu Health Report 

Your Isuzu Truck Dealer can provide a computerized health report of your trucks condition, usage and driving patterns. Click the brochure for more details of the heal th report.

Maintenance Cost Comparison 

Click the brochure to view the comparison chart.

PSMP Included Maintenance  

Click the brochure to see what is included in the PSMP maintenance. 

Cut Fuel Cost Brochure 

Click the brochure to read informational tips to help your drivers cut fuel costs up to 40%!

Isuzu Gas Extended Warranty 

Isuzu Diesel Extended Warranty 

Click the brochure to read all about the features for the Isuzu Extended Warranties.

Roadside Assistance 

Click the brochure to read all about the features for the Isuzu Roadside Assistance for warranty issues.