Today’s vehicles are so precise. We always make sure our shop has the proper equipment to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. Brown Body & Paint Centre utilizes Car-o-liner and Chief E-Z Liner Frame Racks to restore your vehicle back to Factory Specifications. We follow only I-CAR and factory guidelines for Uni-body and frame repair.

In Most cases Brown Body & Paint Centre will utilize Original Equipment Manufacturers Parts or commonly known as OEM the choice of parts type are awlays teh customers per ORC 1345-81. On many occasions an insuance company will prepare an estime utilizing after-market parts. you do not have to accept this in a 3rd party claim because you have no contractual agreement with that insurance company, however in a 1st party claim you may have a contractual agreement and your own policy may require you to accept after-market parts.

If you wish, you can always pay the different in price to get OEM parts. You should read your policy to make sure your insurace policy doesnt have the language stating the insurer can demaind the use of these parts.

Used parts are allowed by Ohio State Law and can be used to repair collision damage, providing the parts are of link kind and quality. The term LKQ will be written on the estimate signifying the use of these parts. If these are are to be utilized, we will make sure they are of sound quality before we install them on your vehicle. Our goal is to provide an invisible repair, OEM and quality LKQ parts help us to do this faster.